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I hate this blog

bye guys

Go fuck yourself, Tyler Lefebvre.

You are the dirt on which I walk.

I hope you live a terrible, horrible life.

Somebunny eat dinner with me

Anonymous said: The point that I am trying to make is that you constantly judge other people and then you yell at people for judging you on your tumblr. You can't promote a judge-free society with all of this "you have mental illness all wrong thing" and then go ahead and make very extreme judgements against the majority of the population. Not everyone abuses drugs, and not everyone is a loser because of it I know that drugs are a bad thing but it's just kinda ignorant

Then call me ignorant.


Use ‘em and lose ‘em

Sometimes I feel like the biggest bitch in the whole world.
Tonight is one of those nights..

Is it bad that I kind of like it? Shit is invigorating, man

Anonymous said: Look if you want people to respect you and you want to be this advocate about how outsiders negatively judge mental illness you can't possibly justify doing the exact same thing to people who use drugs. You're stereotyping and jumping to conclusions which for the most part aren't even true for the exception of Pittsfield I'll give you that. I understand your point but if you really want to make a change you have to stop fighting fire with fire

CHOOSING you abuse substances and being BORN WITH A CHEMICAL MAKEUP that creates mental illness are two completely different things. I understand the not fighting fire with fire thing, but you’ve got it all wrong. I am passionately against substances because they are a thing you consciously choose to use in order to ruin your life. Mental illnesses are not a choice, therefore making your argument invalid.



Why yes, I am 19 years old, I am a college student, and I hate everything teenagers stand for. If I had the words to tell you how passionately I despise marijuana, they would burn the air they entered. I think it is disgusting, useless, destructive. When you smoke weed you lose the desire to better yourself and transform into a selfish, boring, LOSER. I feel the same way about alcohol. I had a small stage where I tried the whole getting drunk at college parties thing…but I hated it. Not only is alcohol bad for you, but it just makes you a stupid fucking idiot. You do dumb things, you hurt yourself and others…it’s just so destructive…and for what? To feel like you can’t control your own actions for a few hours? Is your life that pathetic where you don’t find yourself to be fun or to be HAVING fun unless you’re drunk or high? That’s fucking sad. That is the beginnings of the life of a LOSER. …And don’t even get me started on cigarettes. In today’s world, every single person is completely aware of what cigarettes do to you. You KNOW that they are killing you and deteriorating your insides, SO WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE? YOU’RE A FUCKING IDIOT.

I know I sound a bit harsh, and I guess I can respect the “to each his own” thing…if you wanna wanna ruin yourself and your life, it’s not my deal. BUT, let it be known that no man in my life, no future husband, and no forever friends will give in to the substance monster. You could be “perfect” for me, but I will not give you a chance if you split your love for me with your love for substance. No. Fucking. Way. I’ve never been more passionate about this than I am at 19 fucking years old.

You’re all a bunch of fucking losers ;)

Even in my dreams you’re a giant fucking asshole…….

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Real Monster- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Two designs for OCD. They both work well, but in different ways so I couldn’t choose between them. Much of OCD is down to intense fear or anxiety so accordingly, this monster is much more scary than the previous ones. 

Both are available as prints in the usual place, choose which one you like best. http://society6.com/TobyAllen